26 November 2006

Kate, the Karate Kid

Kate has just started Kempo-Karate.
Here's a little bit about the art and a few photo's of her first lesson.
History of the Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association“Standards of Excellence”

The history of the Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association (UKKSA) emerges from powerful roots into a colorful past. The practical and effective knowledge prevalent in the UKKSA curriculum was developed from countless battlegrounds in the streets and rings throughout the world and evolved from the wisdom of many professors and instructors. The UKKSA's methods reflect the strong influence and innovations of its current leadership. The UKKSA embraces the best of the traditions of the old ways and welcomes the visions of the new. The UKKSA's curriculum maintains the challenging and rigorous training of the ancient ways and successfully employs the proven methods of today. Chinese Kempo Karate is an eclectic system, which merges the realistic aspects of karate, judo, jujitsu, grappling, weapons, and boxing arts. The dynamic curriculum is measured by high standards and represents a realistic challenge for all participants. The exceptional versatility of the UKKSA's self-defense system is tailored to meet the needs of all individual's sizes, strengths, and abilities. Chinese Kempo Karate readily adapts to the demands of a changing world and equips the student with the mental and physical skills to meet any threat. The creative methods and innovations of this versatile system keep the UKKSA on the cutting edge of the martial arts world. The UKKSA owes its quality standards and preeminence in the martial arts world to its founder, Professor Martin T. Buell. Professor Buell resides on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, and is one of the most recognized and respected Kempo instructors in the world. In 1981, the UKKSA was founded by Professor Buell, which marked the beginning of the prolific growth of the progressive association.


Devastatin' Dave said...

Ah, the white belt. I remember it well. And don't forgot Mr. Miyagi's words to Daniel-san - "Look eyes. Always look eyes."

stoneworks said...

I will be sure to let Kate know, O black belt DD!

Devastatin' Dave said...

Actually only got to green with blue stripe. Oh well...