25 February 2006

Zachary - raising money for 'Kids with Cancer'

This is how Zachary looks now, but on the 17th March, this will change!

Zachary is raising money for CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation. As part of the St. Baldrick's / Locks of Love - Kids With Cancer Fund Raiser, Zachary has volunteered to have his head shaved to raise money for this great event, which is taking place at his school.

All the hair cut & shaved from the children will be used to make wigs for the children who have lost their own hair, due to cancer treatment. The added benefit is, any money raised, will also go towards helping these unfortunate children suffering from cancer.

If you would like to sponsor him, you can either send a check or make a donation online. Here are the details:
Shavee: Zachary VanHardenberg ID #: 15328889 Team: Team Sabin
Check/Cheque: Payable to: St. Baldrick's Foundation
(write Zachary's full name & id # on the memo line)
Credit Card/Debit Card:

Thank you for any donation you can make, any amount will help.

19 February 2006

All dressed up & somewhere to go

Ready to go out for our Anniversary dinner last night.

18 February 2006

Chilly in the Springs

Slightly chilly today!
2:30pm 11F (-12C)

17 February 2006

Space, the final frontier

Virgin Galactic's goal of providing commercial flights into space, just got a step closer to reality.

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico – New Mexico lawmakers agreed today to proceed on a three-year commitment of funds to build a regional spaceport, designed to support commercial rocket launchings, including passenger-carrying suborbital vehicles. "Our view of this is all systems go for the spaceport," said New Mexico Economic Development Secretary Rick Homans, also Chairman of the New Mexico Spaceport Authority in nearby Santa Fe. "This sends out a message loud and clear that New Mexico is setting out on this bold plan," Homans told reporters in a telephone briefing. "This is real and we're moving forward on this." Legislative go-ahead The New Mexico legislature offered broad, bipartisan support for the spaceport, Homans said, despite early skepticism in some political quarters regarding the project. Specific actions taken by the legislature included authorizing a $100 million in capital outlay over fiscal years 2007, 2008, and 2009 towards the spaceport. "That is a financial commitment from the state. There's no need to go back for any other approvals in terms of getting money authorized every year," Homans added. There are several conditions put upon the expenditure of the money, such as successfully obtaining a spaceport license from the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) commercial space transportation office. Also, state lawmakers want official cost estimates that certify the spaceport can be built at or below a projected $225 million price tag, Homans said.

14 February 2006

12th Feb. - 8th Anniversary

Sunday 12th February was our 8th Wedding Anniversary.
Denise, thank you for being my wife, thank you for everything you do for me and the family. We have gone through some tough times, but we are stronger for it and I wouldn't want to ever be with anyone else, you are my friend, you are my wife.

10 February 2006

Katee, dressed for Valentine's...

Katee all dressed up for her Valentine's party & dance at school today.

Support the Troops

Whether you agree with our allied forces being in Iraq or not, and I do not, because it was all based on lies, our troops are there, following orders and supporting their country. They do not have the luxury of choice of where they are deployed. So, no matter what your political beliefs are or whether you agree or not about going into Iraq, the troops need your support and your prayers. God bless all the troops in Iraq and elsewhere around the world and I wish them all a safe return home.

06 February 2006


Stone is a surname born since ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D.
The first people to use this name were found in Cornwall, the very south-west of England. The name, however, is derived from the old English word 'Stan', meaning Stone and indicates that the original bearer lived near a prominent stone.

Motto: Live that you may live forever.

England Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms was introduced by King Richard I of England in the 1190s, apparently as a version of the arms of the Duchy of Normandy. Normandy currently uses two leopards, although an alternative historical version uses three leopards identical to the English arms.
According to one tradition, following the Norman Conquest an extra leopard was added to two existing Norman leopards to represent the combined Anglo-Norman realm. According to another tradition the two leopards were combined with the single leopard of Aquitaine on the acquisition of these continental territories by the English Crown. Other heraldic authorities have claimed that at an early stage in the development of heraldry the number of Norman leopards was not fixed and that it is simply a matter of design as to why England has ended up with three heraldic leopards (now called lions) and Normandy with two.