28 March 2006

V for Vendetta

'V for Vendetta' is a film worth watching, Zachary & I went to see it this past weekend.

The story of Guy Fawkes inspired certain aspects of Alan Moore's 1982 post-nuclear dystopian science fiction graphic novel of a fascist Britain, V for Vendetta (which was adapted into a 2006 film version by the Wachowski brothers and James McTeigue). The story revolves around the main character, V, who in the words of the book's artist David Lloyd is portrayed as "a resurrected Guy Fawkes." The mask worn by V is meant to be that of Fawkes. In the story, V plans to blow up the abandoned parliament buildings on a future November 5 as his first move to bring down the nation's fascist tyranny. (In the film adaptation, V is played by actor Hugo Weaving.)

Abigail, 11 days old...

What a cutie, and I'm not talking about Jeff!

27 March 2006

Zach's 3rd Qtr Grades

Zachary did very well in the third quarter of school and achieved the following grades:

2 - A's
5 - B's
1 - C+

24 March 2006

A State of Decline...

Article from Devastatin' Daves blog.

What a sad state of affairs this is. The state of Texas is actually arresting people in bars for being drunk. They have the nerve to use the state's public intox law as a basis for their arrests.

Some excerpts...(DD's comments in bold)

The first sting operation was conducted recently in a Dallas suburb where agents infiltrated 36 bars and arrested 30 people for public intoxication, said the commission's Carolyn Beck.

Bars are privately owned and, thus, it strains credulity that they're using public intox laws. Are they gonna start arresting people for public intox at backyard BBQs and frat houses, too?

Being in a bar does not exempt one from the state laws against public drunkenness, Beck said.

I don't think this statement would hold up well to a court challenge.

The goal, she said, was to detain drunks before they leave a bar and go do something dangerous like drive a car.

What if the drunk in question has a designated driver or is catching a cab?

"There are a lot of dangerous and stupid things people do when they're intoxicated, other than get behind the wheel of a car," Beck said. "People walk out into traffic and get run over, people jump off of balconies trying to reach a swimming pool and miss.

"Ms. Beck, at least they have the excuse of being intoxicated. What's your excuse? You're supposedly sober.
In a just world, here's what should happen:

Alcohol nannies: Sir, we have reason to believe that you are intoxicated

Bar patron: No shit, Sherlock, it's called being in a bar

Alcohol nannies: Sir, we're placing you and your buddies under arrest for public intox.

Bar patron: You and your flunkies have two choices - either sit down and drink with us or commence to getting your sorry asses whupped by some Texans.

20 March 2006

F1 2006 Season

It looks like this season could be interesting. Button has started well this season, although his team has their work cut out, to surpass the engine of Renault. At long last, the team orders have been banned and also the decision to allow tyre changes again, will result in more interesting races.

After qualifying second on the grid on Saturday, Button had harboured hopes that he might make another career breakthrough at the track outside Kuala Lumpur.
In the event he had to settle for another podium to take his points total to 11, equal with Schumacher and seven behind Alonso.
"We want to be winning races and so just being on the podium is disappointing," said Button.
"But I think these two have proved just how quick the
Renault is, especially around this circuit, and that is what we have got to try and achieve and we are just not quick enough at the moment," Button said.
"Joint second or third in the championship is not too bad, but we've got a bit of work to do," he added.

17 March 2006

Dude, where's my hair?

Well done Zachary. Today was the big day, St.Baldrick's Day!
Zach raised 180% of his target, as well as donating his hair, which will go towards making wigs for children receiving cancer treatment.
His school raised over $12K today and he was even on the local news!

Congratulations to Jeff & Isabelle

Congratulations on your new member of the family!

Abigail Marie-Jane Day
Born 16th March at 06:33 est
7 lbs 12 ozs
22 inches