25 July 2007

Little & Large

Radar, a Belgian draft horse and reigning Guinness World Record holder as the 'Tallest Living Horse,' at 19 hands 3.5 inches (6ft 6in), and Thumbelina, a miniature sorrel brown mare and the world's 'Smallest Living Horse,' 17.5 inches, are united for the first time for a photo shoot that will appear in the Guinness World Records 2008 edition, on sale August 7th.

10 July 2007

This Is Why You Should Use Your Rear View Mirror

Paramedics place the driver of a Ford Taurus onto a stretcher after a 1,500-pound wrecking ball slammed into the back of it North Main Street at Randolph Street in Meadville, Pa., Monday, July 9, 2007.
The wrecking ball damaged numerous vehicles after it broke loose from a crane on the campus of Allegheny College and rolled down North Main Street before hitting the Taurus. Two other people were also taken to the Meadville Medical Center for treatment of injuries they suffered in the accident, police said.

04 July 2007

In Memory of Terry


My deepest sympathies go out to you and the family. The one saving grace at this very sad time is, that Terry is no longer in pain, he is now at peace.

Terry was truly a great man, who'll I will miss very much and I know by everyone else that was fortunate enough to have been able to know and meet him.
I feel honoured that I was a friend of Terry's. He was also a great role model in the working environment and I enjoyed working with him so much. Those were some great times, which haven't been matched anywhere else I have worked.
Although he has now passed on to a better place, he will continue to live on in my memories and heart forever.

No person is ever truly alone. Those who live no more, Whom we loved, Echo still within our thoughts, Our words, our hearts.
by Richard Fife

02 July 2007

Renaissance Festival, Colorado

Welcome back to my blog! King Henry invited us to spend the day at the 2007 Colorado Renaissance Festival. So we took him up on his offer and attended the festival's 31st season on Saturday 30th June.

The festival takes you on a magical tour through time and legend, taking you back to the 16th Century.

As you wander down the village streets and pathways of the Colorado Renaissance Festival, you'll experience thyself to revel with master revelers, watch artisans create original works of their ancient craft and be taken in by the tantalizing aromas of roast turkey legges, steak on a stake, fresh baked goods and much more.

There is a cast of hundreds of authentically costumed merrymakers living and working throughout the village and performing, continuously, upon the Festival's seven stages, the illusion of a rollicking 16th Century festival day is created. Impromptu encounters with the royalty and peasantry of Tudor England are commonplace. We met all kinds, from jousters to jugglers to minstrels to maidens faire, all schooled in art of interactive theatre! This year, there was some new entertainment, which had been summoned by Good King Henry.

As we walked around, we saw plenty of classical creativity and craftsmanship of over 200 skilled artisans exhibiting in a wide variety of mediums including fine art, glassblowing, pottery, jewelry, wood working, blacksmithing, leather working and more.

Don't eat much before you arrive at the festival, so you can take advantage of the great food being offered. Your taste buds will be pleaseed with such renaissance delicacies as turkey drumsticks, steak on a stake, roasted corn, Leonardo DaVinci meatball sandwich, artichokes, a variety of sausage on a stick, and more.

An assortment of the finest ales and drinks are available to quench the heartiest of thirsts.

To view photo's of our visit to this year's Renaissance festival, go to the link below: