28 March 2006

V for Vendetta

'V for Vendetta' is a film worth watching, Zachary & I went to see it this past weekend.

The story of Guy Fawkes inspired certain aspects of Alan Moore's 1982 post-nuclear dystopian science fiction graphic novel of a fascist Britain, V for Vendetta (which was adapted into a 2006 film version by the Wachowski brothers and James McTeigue). The story revolves around the main character, V, who in the words of the book's artist David Lloyd is portrayed as "a resurrected Guy Fawkes." The mask worn by V is meant to be that of Fawkes. In the story, V plans to blow up the abandoned parliament buildings on a future November 5 as his first move to bring down the nation's fascist tyranny. (In the film adaptation, V is played by actor Hugo Weaving.)

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