28 March 2009

Kate is a Hero

Kate is truly a hero.

Last night, we had friends over and were watching a film, while the children were playing upstairs.
Suddenly, Kate came downstairs, saying there's a funny smell filling the rooms. I immediately looked in every room, nothing out of the ordinary, but then we all started noticing the smell and it seemed to be filling the house.
I went down to the basement, to check the heating system, the smell was very strong down there. The pilot lights were still alight, so it wasn't a gas leak, and that would have smelt light rotten-eggs. I switched the heating off and Denise called the Utilities out.

It turns out that the house had filled with carbon-monoxide. The heating room was at levels never seen by the utility man before. He didn't think his machine read levels as high as read last night! A couple of people started feeling sick, so the utility man called the Fire department out, just to be safe and check everyone out. Everyone was okay after a while of being outside in the freezing cold fresh air. Denise was taken to hospital, as they wanted to be extra sure she was okay, as she only had a surgery on Wednesday.

If Kate hadn't said anything and we had gone to bed, they said some would have definately not woken up this morning. Kate, thank you, you are our Hero :)


Cliff said...

Well done Kate, we salute you.

Ian you must invest in a Carbon Monoxide Detector, better to be safe than sorry. Glad to hear you are all well.

Best wishes

Grandad Ken said...

WOW !! That is really scary - That is so potent (carbon monoxide) because mainly there is no smell attached to it. You were all very lucky that this time there was a smell and Kate picked up on it. Well Done Kate !!

Nana and Grandpa said...

Thank goodness you are all safe. Thank you Kate for being our heroine.